Sunday, March 23, 2014

Replacing Handles & Glass in Cabinets

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Today I am sharing the changes we made to the cabinets in the Dining Room.
The shot above shows everything completed.

As you can see the existing glass was gold leaded and we changed it out to clear glass. 
We also replaced the gold cabinet pulls with some brushed Satin Nickel ones I found @ Walmart on-line. We had 65 to replace in the unit so there is loads of storage.

To save a little money I spray painted the hinges as below in a Satin nickel as well.

I really like the updated look...

The lovely couple we purchased the unit from had been coming South for over 20 years so there was everything we will need and more. I am still sorting through the cabinets to see what I want to keep and what to send to a Charity in town. 

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