Saturday, March 22, 2014

Quick updates at no cost!

Welcome to my 2nd post on updating our Winter Home. 
Everything is in such great shape in the Park Model we have purchased this winter but allot of the decor is just not our taste so we are changing a few things to update the look.
The gold coloured strip on the cabinets and header was easily removed by just loosening up one end with a small knife and pulling it off. 

The photo above is from the cabinets above the bed and I am still tossing around the idea of removing the spindles as well so time will tell.
All of the gold strips below are from the bedroom cabinets.

The fabric valance was glued and stapled to the wooden valance and it just took a little pulling to remove and then my Sweetie pulled the staples from the valance that were left behind.

We are loving the stripped down look and it feels more updated without the extra embellishments. 

We are now replacing the brass cabinet pulls (63 of them if you can believe) and hinges so check back and see how we made out! 
Thank you for stopping in for a visit.


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