Monday, September 26, 2016

Living Room Changes before & after

Welcome... it has been so long since I posted I forgot to share our before & after photos of the living room furniture we purchased in 2015!
These two are the before shots with the old blinds & curtains...

We chose Lazyboy Furniture in colours that reflect the desert and the mood of Arizona...

The chair is a recliner so great for relaxing and watching television...

Our existing throw pillow goes nicely with the sofa cushions and the wool area rug is also from Lazyboy.
Although the old sofa was a sofa bed we decided to go with a straight sofa and treat our children to a hotel when they come to visit us... 
We are excited to head back to our winter home in late October and I am sure I will find something else to create or update!
Thank you for stopping in...

Sunday, March 1, 2015

One of our outside spaces

Welcome to our home in Arizona... 
I am sharing one of our outdoor spaces with you today.

Above is the card table and chairs I have recovered with a fabric from IKEA. I love the way it turned out and it adds colour and interest to our space.

I hope you enjoyed a small glimpse into our sitting area...
Have a wonderful week ahead...


Friday, February 20, 2015

Chalkboard Pantry

Welcome to sunny Arizona!
As you may have seen in an older post we had replaced the gold leaded glass in our cabinets with clear glass and Brushed nickel pulls. This particular cabinet has another access door on the other side and it is used as our pantry. 
I realized last winter that I did not want to sit on the sofa in the living area and look into the glass pantry. 
Michaels craft store sold this adhesive chalk board panel and instantly I knew this is what I needed to do to fix my problem.
We added a vintage style cabinet pull placing it upside down to hold the chalk and we love the look. 
Now I just have to learn some nice writing skills and write something profound. ;  )

Thank you for stopping in today I hope that I inspired you to be creative as well. 



Sunday, January 25, 2015

We replaced the Mini Blinds

Welcome to another day in sunny Arizona. We have finished with the replacement of all of the metal mini blinds in our winter home. These photos are the after pictures and the before are below. We went with Levolor 2" sandblasted white blinds throughout from Lowes and we are loving the new look. 

As you will notice we removed the side curtains as well and the rooms seem so much brighter.

Below we have the old blinds removed and just waiting for the installer to arrive with the new blinds...

I had leftover fabric from recovering the dining chairs so I was thankful I brought my sewing machine with us so I could make the little valances in the dining room and kitchen area.

These are shots of the before... the mini blinds were looking wore and bent so time for an update.

Here is the same fabric on the dining chairs I had recovered last winter. Of course they are painted with Annie Sloan Old white chalk paint...
Thank you for stopping in!


Friday, January 2, 2015

Changes in the Washroom

Before we left Arizona in May we had removed the glass shower doors and added a curved curtain rod. It provides us more elbow room in the shower/bathtub so we are happy we went ahead and changed it out.

Our taps in the bathroom had fallen apart on my hand when getting a deep cleaning so the taps were changed from a shiny silver finish to a brushed nickel to match the new cabinet handles and hinges.

We added a few pictures and a bamboo blind to smarten up the small area. 

I am not actually minding the wallpaper and the artwork I found seems to coordinate nicely. 

Unfortunately the shower curtain is not presenting very well in photos but it has the blue and taupe colours of the wallpaper as well. We have a skylight in the room and it make the room bright and cheery.

I hope you enjoyed your visit today. Thank you for stopping in. We have replaced all the window blinds in the trailer so I will share that with you in a future post. 


Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Changes done the Fall of 2014

Welcome to another post on upgrading our Winter home. 
We came South in October this year so it will be great to spend a full six months in the Arizona sunshine. 
Above is the flooring before we changed it and below you can see we went with a darker flooring. The kitchen, hallway and bathroom needed updating so that is what we have done. The living room and bedroom spaces have laminate flooring and it is in great shape.

Below is a photo from before we got possession so the leaded glass is still in the cabinets and the table & chair set has been changed. 
We chose to replace the standard dining room light that is in every older Park Model.... or that is what it seems... our home was manufactured in 1993.

As you can see below we changed the light and the dining set which I mentioned before. It was purchased at Goodwill and painted with Annie Sloan Old White chalk paint.

I found this charming button shade at Home Sense and loved it right away. We went to the nearest Goodwill outlet and found an iron hanging light. It needed rewiring so I did that and added the shade. When the table is pulled out to seat four chairs the light is centred... I promise! I love the way it turned out! 

Since I forgot to take some before photos of some things I will just be posting some new things in a future post. 
Thank you for stopping in today. 
I hope the sun is shining brightly wherever you may be.


Saturday, April 19, 2014

Removing the Spindles

I hope you are enjoying your Easter weekend. 
We have finished the changes we wanted to make on the bedroom cabinets.
As the photo below shows there used to be the gold strip and spindles as well.

After removing the gold strip I removed the top strip of wood and the spindles.

Using wood glue I attached the top piece of wood the the bottom  piece show it covered the holes from the spindles.

I tried to achieve a more modern look and I think it turned out well. Best thing is it did not cost us anything so you have to like that.

I hope you enjoyed your visit today. Thank you for stopping in.