Thursday, March 27, 2014

Countertop repair with Annie Sloan Old White Chalk Paint

Hello & welcome 
I decided to give the edge of the countertops a new look with some Annie Sloan paint and love the result! 

Allot of the edges were damaged like the shot above and we did not want to go to the expense of replacing all of the counters so I thought, why not give it a try....
Getting it all taped off was the biggest job and after that it was a breeze.

I had already painted the wooden Dining table & chairs in Old White so I knew I loved the colour. 
If you want to see how they turned out here is the link to that post on my other Blog

Since the temperatures get so hot in Arizona while we are away over the Summer I knew that waxing was out of the question. The Stocklist supplier at the Lovely shop where I purchased all my AS paint suggested the clear topcoat above so that is what we used. Once the first coat cures (24 hrs) I will do a second coat.

We have ten feet of cabinet in the bedroom and fourteen feet in kitchen/dining area as well as some in the washroom so I am so happy this worked so well.
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  1. Wanda your counter tops turned out beautiful, what a great way to change the look as well as improving your home ;-)


  2. Wanda, they really turned out really nice! I'm sure that makes so you happy! Just love the palm trees, great shot!
    Happy Day~