Friday, February 20, 2015

Chalkboard Pantry

Welcome to sunny Arizona!
As you may have seen in an older post we had replaced the gold leaded glass in our cabinets with clear glass and Brushed nickel pulls. This particular cabinet has another access door on the other side and it is used as our pantry. 
I realized last winter that I did not want to sit on the sofa in the living area and look into the glass pantry. 
Michaels craft store sold this adhesive chalk board panel and instantly I knew this is what I needed to do to fix my problem.
We added a vintage style cabinet pull placing it upside down to hold the chalk and we love the look. 
Now I just have to learn some nice writing skills and write something profound. ;  )

Thank you for stopping in today I hope that I inspired you to be creative as well. 




  1. Chalkboard paint is amazing! We did some walls in our girl's rooms and they love it! I was watching a home show the other day that had magnetic paint also. That was really cool, loved to try it one day. Enjoy your weekend!


  2. How ingeneous, Wanda! Good idea, also the chalk holder!

  3. Just noticed the picture of your home in the side bar. Fancy having all those palms around you ..... Mind you, we past a restaurant in the next door village and suddenly I discovered the three palms on their summer terrace. Maybe it is an idea for the sunset side of our garden?! Enjoy the Arizona surroundings, Wanda. Before you know it you will be travelling up north again.

  4. This is perfect Wanda! I love how genius you are with the upside down drawer pull. ow the chalk will always be at you fingertips.
    You and your hubby have done the most amazing changes to your AZ home. I love how you changed out the shower doors to a bowed rod. I didn't even know there was such a thing, so now I am on the lookout. It always feels so cramped in the shower and so I really need to do this!
    I can tell you really love spending your winters there and I'm so happy for you guys.
    much love from here....