Sunday, January 25, 2015

We replaced the Mini Blinds

Welcome to another day in sunny Arizona. We have finished with the replacement of all of the metal mini blinds in our winter home. These photos are the after pictures and the before are below. We went with Levolor 2" sandblasted white blinds throughout from Lowes and we are loving the new look. 

As you will notice we removed the side curtains as well and the rooms seem so much brighter.

Below we have the old blinds removed and just waiting for the installer to arrive with the new blinds...

I had leftover fabric from recovering the dining chairs so I was thankful I brought my sewing machine with us so I could make the little valances in the dining room and kitchen area.

These are shots of the before... the mini blinds were looking wore and bent so time for an update.

Here is the same fabric on the dining chairs I had recovered last winter. Of course they are painted with Annie Sloan Old white chalk paint...
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  1. I love your new blinds. We bought our park model last spring and are also renovating. May I ask how much the new blinds cost?

    1. Hello Linda
      We had 11 windows out of our 12 to replace as I used a wicker blind in the bathroom. Lowes had a wonderful sale before Christmas for Leveller Faux wood blinds at 50% off so the blinds ended up costing us roughly $650.00 installed. We are loving the new fresh look... good luck with your renovations!

  2. It came out great! I love how you came up with the inspiration! Just the view from your sitting spot. xoox

  3. Yeah, getting new blinds was definitely the right thing to do. Your previous ones look worse for wear, with individual pieces bent and a lot of them looking stacked, bundled, and inordinate. Might as well take them out and place another set of blinds that looks more laid out and whole. Good day!

    Bob Ward @ Allure Window Treatments